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Ten Things to Do After the 'invented'

Each person may have a different answer, but from the results that we have outlined, there are 10 common things that usually do after 'invented' by gebetan.

1. Changing the status on Facebook

Because Facebook is so popular in recent time, the first thing to do after going with gebetan is changing Facebook status. In fact, for some couples it has become a ritual MUST not be missed. Or, if the couple did not immediately change his status, he is considered not serious and just want to play alone. So great was the effect of Facebook for a commitment to yes.

2. Put a picture of both

If all this yourself or face funny pictures adorn the profile of fuel or IM, it's time to take pictures together and show affection as well as the label 'in relationship'. Not infrequently in the initial 3 months of dating, photo or YM fuel is often replaced with a variety of poses. Well, knowing it was still warm-warm.

3. Treats friends

There are still some people who know mugged after going with friends treat gebetan. His impression was rather childish, as is usually done as a teenager first. However, if indeed you can enjoy and feel the need to celebrate the procession going together with friends, why not? Not just the two of you are happy, but friends as well.

4. Calling a friend

After returning from your first date immediately rush to call friends and tell all what happened that night. Starting from her carrying flowers, express love, and 'shoot you'.

5. Writing on the blog

Well, this is probably one that is becoming a trend also present. With the ease of technology and berjamurnya free blog sites, many people flocked bloggers writing style. There are simply copy-paste songs, quotes or tell the story of her love. And it could be, it is a provision sweet memories that can make you blush while reading it again later. Or, become a disaster when you are too much indulgence in personal relationships in public blog.

6. Introducing the family

Some say this is too hasty, but not many really are after the 'invented' directly introduce couples to families. Especially when backed by a serious relationship and did not want to delay the opening is too long. Family indeed were the first to know this happy news.

7. Holding hands in public

Now go to wherever you are no longer awkward to hold hands with him, because he has officially become your lover. In fact, almost every time you are both reluctant to relinquish their grip. That's so sweet, but do not bring it too much.

8. Give each other gifts

In general, after going together, eager to give it some things which could she always wore. Whether it's mugs, wallets, t-shirts, rings, necklaces or anything that could remind him of you every time.

9. Changing its name in the phone

Once he officially becomes your lover, in ponselpun name changed from just a name to a nickname affectionately. My hunnie, my boo, beib, or anything that sounds special and romantic.

10. There is a special ring tone for her

Sometimes you do not want to pick up the phone from others when busy. But not from him. For that, you assign a special ring if the she is calling so you can immediately lift the phone from him.

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