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Three Reasons Women, Men Delay SMS Reply

Perhaps you have or are in the pink zone, where you are acquainted with the 'Martian' is fascinated by your smile at an event. Then you exchange the fuel pin or a phone number. Be it sends a message to you as a first step.

Hold! Do not trigger mereply who sent the message he is so cell phone rang. Why?

Wait make him curious.

Sounds like the old tactic huh? Hmm ... it is true, but we add the spice of intelligence in it, because men do not like to wait too long. First, we have to make waiting more than 24 hours just to hear the answer 'yes' from us. However, it makes a man learns from his mistakes and no longer underestimated. That's why, We have to be smart like a decent man, ladies.

Give pause while chatting, mereply fuel or SMS will make him curious. Of course we should be able to manage his time and cut the conversation appropriately. As he was speaking seriously or to answer questions from us, be sure that he knows we're watching.

And turn she started asking questions, here's where time moves launches 'three minutes'. At least in 3 minutes, he would fret waiting for a response from you. In a short time like that, men want to wait with pleasure, in her mind she's thinking "if his message had reached yet huh? ',' If my question is too personal?" and it will provoke curiosity so that he was increasingly lost in conversation with you.

Waiting gives you an opportunity to take control

That said, a heart broken woman is a woman who has no control over their partners, even while talking. We certainly already know, the man is a person who does not want to lose in defending his opinions. And of course we finally defeated, because we are too stubborn to maintain our opinions, too.

So how can take control if we should not insist on follow-up?

Make her wait! That is the answer.

Unlike the men, women tend to be more emotion and heat while waiting for a response from the listener. While the men, unconsciously negative emotions declined and was replaced by a man of hope for an answer from you. If he was feeling calm and put our hopes on, this is where he easily conquered. And in the end, you are in control.

Waiting to make the he hoped

Give it takes 3 minutes to wait for an answer from you. Yes, 3 minutes! And not 24 hours. Without your awareness, within three minutes the bomb was curious that there is within man was enlarged and ready to explode. At the last second, you have showered her curiosity with the answers already guessed-guessed before. Within 3 minutes of that, a great hope accumulated slowly. If you let the bomb explode too long, you will not get the right moment and let the atmosphere was warm again. If you have this, usually chat so crisp and the he started lazily.

Well, now you're much more ready to win her heart:)

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