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When Si He Expressing Love Through SMS

Make no mistake! You may be surprised and immediately frowned, but this is still happening all around us. In fact, maybe you are currently reading this article, been there too.

"After the meeting yesterday, I can not sleep and kept thinking about you. I feel like we fit, we're together aja yuk" - an SMS sent by the middle of the night

How, do you think it can be tolerated?

Sure, every man has a way of expressing love, there is a bold face to face with the woman he likes, some are choosing expressed in other ways. However, if a declaration of love is done via SMS, it's nay!

The technology is more advanced, easier to communicate regardless of distance to be traveled. But that does not mean the advancement of technology makes a declaration of love to be underestimated. Some of us may stay cool and consider a declaration of love via SMS common and acceptable, most assume this is only a joke that made ​​fun guy just for having fun.

Maybe not one declared love via SMS, there are no laws governing, and no rules are violated. Only actions that are considered important it should be done in the name of a technological advancement?

Ladies, if you are one of the women who receive a declaration of love via SMS. Help these men to be more manly and daring in expressing his heart. Although he was a shy, he should dare to come face to face with his loved ones.

Message. Including if the answer you'll end up with 'No':)

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