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New Style Men Cheating

Men are like technology, growing time, increasingly sophisticated methods used also for the affair was discovered.

Here are some of the style of a man cheating on you need to know:

Dating in working hours
A little bit of meeting, even weekends he used to meet clients. When asked why he was busy, he will put a face full of love as he answered, "It's for the sake of our future, dear."

Duh, to hear an answer like this, the hearts of women who would not flowered? Want to be a baseball angry mood. In fact, it could be the answer he puts forward part of her strategy to cover the naughty behind you. Men know the true weaknesses of today's women are easily melted by the discussions that lead to commitment.

If at the end of the week can do little about, he would go out with his mistress in office hours. Moreover, if the affair was friends work together, well ... the easier they are together. In addition, he is also diligent in touch when going overtime. With the addition of flavoring sentences that imply he does not like overtime, in the hope you feel sorry and did not ask any questions.

Honest on mistresses
Development of social networking sites make him difficult to cover the status of "in relationship" and claimed singles. For that, they have set up surefire way to stay safe affair, which is admitted to the affair when he already has a girlfriend or wife. Some men will say that his relationship with girlfriend trouble to attract the hearts of potential mistresses. Conversely, there is also only said that he had a girlfriend or wife, but she also loves the affair.

For men, to be honest at the beginning makes it easier lived affair. Because then, the affair is to know the risks and consequences so that he would not have dared to claim all sorts, such as asking for a date on a holiday, which became the official partner rights.

Changing the name on the phone
Having two phones or SIM cards, received a phone call secretly at midnight, in unusual places, like in the toilet, has included the old way that is not effective. In this way, many men who to-gap official partner. Hence, they turn the brain how to partner not curig

Way that is considered qualified are still using the one phone. Well, so you do not suspicious, he changed the name of the affair with a male name, or position the affair became boss or client. That way, he will be free when I had to take a call and you will not dare to answer it.

Alternatively, they choose the silent mode when there is an incoming short message from the affair. Usually, the man who cheated would prefer to call rather than send a short message. Because send short messages, prone caught.

Paid in cash
Credit card imprint is easy to trace, because the sheets of bills that come each month is always listed every transaction made. From here, you know where he can have fun with the affair. Now, the man is cheating no longer rely on credit cards. They feel more secure if the costs are paid out in cash. Yup, including airline tickets when they go on vacation. So you need to be suspicious when the wallet is getting thicker lately, but credit card transactions is reduced.

"Boys day out"
Yes, if someone said that friendship between men is indeed no death. Including conspiring with his friends when he was having an affair. No wonder they often use the excuse to go with friends or doing hobbies for the sake of smooth out the plan. He also will occasionally invite you to play or on holiday with his friends, and their respective spouses. That way, you will not be suspicious when he says go with one of his friends.

Location dating abroad
In order for your easy no detection, it also will choose a place far out of reach, such as out of town or overseas as well. Because the risk of meeting you or your friends are much smaller than they were hanging out in cafes in the city. For some men who had an affair, meeting no longer important quantity, but quality takes precedence. He may not be met with every day affair, but he could reasonably assignment out of town or overseas to be with his mistress for a week without being disturbed.

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