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Expensive cost Dropout Trigger Figures

National Education Ministry admitted the difficulty pressing the number of poor students in basic education and secondary education. Head of Planning and Budgeting Directorate General of Primary Kemendiknas Adya Supriatno Nono said, the current number of poor students in Indonesia almost 50 million.

This amount consisted of 27.7 million students attending elementary school level, 10 million junior high student, and 7 million high school students. Of that amount, at least there are approximately 2.7 million students in primary and junior high school 2 million students who drop out of school is threatened.

According to Nono, school fees are relatively expensive suspected to be the main cause of helplessness of the poor students to continue their education to the next level. The difficulty is getting heavier by the requirement to pay registration fees, buy books, school uniforms, and textbooks. These are some indicators of the cost driver to be expensive school.

"Students in middle school, only 23 percent who could carry on into the high school level. The rest can not go on, some of which were forced to work," said Nono as a guest speaker at the workshop "Dissecting Financing of Education" on Saturday (07/23/2011) at Bandung.

In general, according to Nono, the poor students come from poverty-prone areas such as remote areas, coastal, densely populated settlements, as well as a number of places in the watershed. To suppress these figures, claimed to have budgeted scholarship Nono Rp 2.1 trillion. The funds budgeted in junior high Rp 3.9 trillion.

"The amount is beyond the budget of school operational funds (BOS), which this year reached Rp 16 trillion," he said.

Influence of higher education

Separately, Secretary of the Directorate General of Secondary Education, Ministry of National Education (Events Calendar) Mustasfirin deplored the difficulty of suppressing the number of dropouts. The more ironic because in general the high dropout rates in basic education and secondary education affects the number of students who will proceed to the lecture bench. He asserted, secondary education became very important to show three things. First, to support the rise of the middle class. Second, as the foundation of education. Third, as a form of realization of the development of education itself.

"So it is hard to talk about higher education quality secondary education if not addressed," said Mustasfirin.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Higher Education Kemdiknas Haris revealed, it has always hoped to have the quality of American higher education classmates. However, the cost of education in Indonesia is still very cheap judged influence the quality and competitiveness of Higher Education. In addition, the low cost also become an obstacle to progress.

"If you wear sentimental, I also wanted to cry with this condition. Dangling hope tread the earth. Feeding the nation's ideals and we are moving in that direction. I am concerned because of poor children in secondary education has fallen," he said.

A day earlier, National Education Minister Mohammad Nuh said that quality education must be supported by appropriate fees. Financing education is expensive, cheap, or free is not a problem. The important thing is to not have implications for basic rights.

"Put the 9-year compulsory education, there are indications of a fundamental right. Therefore, ministries and local governments must seriously deal with fundamental rights. The reason is, if these costs were out of bounds, it will have implications and begin relating to fundamental rights that own, "he said.


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