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This is the characteristics of Chicken tiren

Chicken pieces (illustration)
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SUKABUMI - Department of Agriculture and Food Security Sukabumi, West Java, urged people to always be aware of the circulation of the chicken carcasses are commonly termed merchantability or chicken tiren (dead yesterday, red) in the market.

Head of Animal Husbandry DPKP Sukabumi, Cecep Mansyur, explained the characteristics of chicken meat is flavorful tiren is a bit fishy, flesh-colored bluish, pale and not fresh, the chicken pieces on the neck looks wide.

"There are also spots of blood on the head or neck of a chicken, and cheaper," he said.

While the characteristics of a good chicken meat, ie fresh meat, no odor, white and clean, and there are no spots of blood on the meat. "People should pay attention to the condition of the chicken before purchase if there are traits seen as tiren chicken so it does not buy it, because it can interfere with health when in consumption," said Cecelia.

Sources: Yahoo News

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