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Children's Health

Effective use of chickenpox vaccineEffectiveness of chickenpox vaccine in protecting children aged 12 months to 16 years against a heavy attack of chicken pox was very large, namely 97 percent.
Honest Regarding Conditions in Children and Medical ProceduresDoes a child suffering from a chronic illness or just visit the doctor for an examination, should you as parents, make sure he understood what was / will be faced. Children who know about what they will encounter in a doctor's examination room, will better comply with medical instructions and showed a better response.

Benefits of Sleep For Your ChildMany children aged between 5-12 years of sleep about 80-10 hours at night, although some children may require more time or less. Sleep is a big and important thing to obtain, even if your child does not feel tired.

Baby Head Size Too LargeWhen the size of the mother's pelvis is too small compared to the baby's head, this can cause difficulties in the process of normal childbirth. At worst, if there is no other choice, had to be done with a cesarean delivery.

Know Your Disease Croup in ChildrenCroup is characterized by a loud cough, like a barking sound, difficulty breathing and the sound of snoring or wheezing (breathing during an asthma attack) while breathing. At first the child may be suffering from upper respiratory tract infection, several days before the onset of coughing.

Danger Feeding Solids Too EarlyA baby should not be given solid food until he was 4 months old. By giving solid foods too early, women have made their baby at risk for experiencing a variety of health problems later in life. Babies who eat solid food too early, it is known to have a risk of developing obesity and disorders of the heart when they grow up.
When to Call the Doctor?Diseases of young children a lot of variety. At one time, only mild abdominal pain. At other times, vomiting, fluid-filled solid. Sometimes, everything is very clear when the need to call your pediatrician. Often the situation was evident, probably as well as when mother and father often confusion: Phone your doctor or not?

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