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Sniper Secure SBY visit to Palembang

Not usually, Army (Army) Field Service dress (PDL) complete with a green beret, since the last two days down the road.

They secured the trajectory path to be traversed entourage President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) in Palembang on Thursday (28/07/2011).

Kapendam II Sriwijaya, Lt. Col. Arf Jauhari, Wednesday (27/7/2011), confirmed the deployment of military personnel from various units, for security within the framework of working visit of SBY in Palembang.

"The number must not be mentioned because of all the units are deployed and quite a lot," he said.

Associated with the placement of snipers in the locations visited by President SBY, Jauhari would not elaborate.

According to him, what has been prepared and practiced today for the arrival of RI 1 are in accordance with fixed procedures (SOPs).

Responding to a question about the news has prepared cars for when reviewing Jakabaring Yudhoyono, a special sedan RI 1 and helicopters, Jauhari said the president's visit to Jakabaring through the land and not use the helicopters.

"The president pleased with the landline," Jauhari said.

What is described Jauhari, there seems to be true. Because the rehearsal RI motorcade and entourage made tight enough to be under guard. In fact, at some crossroads, and the hall, placed some of the personnel of the army.

Even in every corridor along Jl Kol Barlian H, Jl Demat Lebardaun, General Sudirman and Jl itself looks Jakabaring Army personnel along with police.

The presence of soldiers in this way attract enough citizens who crossed the road. Because the soldiers dressed in camouflage along with the Police come to regulate the flow of vehicle traffic.

None of the members are willing to comment when questioned about his presence on the road.

Rehearsals welcoming and arrival and motorcade headed SBY Griya Agung, Jakabaring, GOR Aryaduta Hotel Campus and the last visit, did not escape the observation and monitoring of Sriwijaya II Military Commander Maj. Gen. S Widjonarko.

Separate Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of South Sumatra province told reporters, Yudhoyono visited Palembang in order appetizers Rakor se Sumatra Governor at the Hotel Aryaduta, Friday (29 / 7).

In addition, the President also closely monitor the construction and development of the SEA Games venues in the JBC.


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