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Many Counterfeit Money Circulating In Java

Bank Indonesia said the circulation of counterfeit money found more in Java.

"It is only in Java mostly, if outside Java was very small and there may not be practical things we need to debate policy on the outside of Java, because so little," said Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Ardhayadi, in a press conference here on Thursday (28/07/2011).

Based on BI data, until May 2011, finding counterfeit money out of Java is quite high in Lampung that as many as 3653 sheets. Even North Sumatra, as one of the major cities in terms of trade, only found 91 pieces of counterfeit money.

Meanwhile, North Sulawesi, only found 34 pieces of counterfeit money, and West Nusa Tenggara just 250 sheets.

For Java, the greatest discovery in eastern Java, as many as 22,426 pieces of counterfeit money. In fact, the counterfeit money found in Jakarta and Banten for 40,844 sheets. And, as many as 77,903 sheets of Central Java.

However, the BI can not see whether the trend of counterfeit money has increased or not.

As a solution, BI has done his socialization on how to distinguish counterfeit bills. Also in cooperation with relevant parties such as the Police and the Department of Education.

"We did increase the socialization features of the authenticity of the rupiah," he added.

Even as efforts to eradicate the circulation of counterfeit money, BI also use the program as a means of socialization puppet.

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