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Complete Problem Honorer PNS (Employee Honorer)

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on officials concerned immediately solve the problem of recruitment of civil servants honorarium. The President asked the government to examine the needs of civil servants to run the wheels of government.

The President said that during the year 2004-2009, no less than one million civil servants have been appointed honorary become a permanent employee. Honorary appointment of civil servants problems deemed important in order to provide clarification of their status so that it does not interfere with their performance.

Related to this, the President held a limited cabinet meeting that discussed the draft Government Regulation on Appointment of Labor Honorer Being a civil servant and the Draft Government Regulation on non-permanent employees.

"In order to build good governance and bureaucracy that has the capability, requisite integrity and capability of our employees because they are driving the administration and bureaucracy," said the President at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (08/02/2011).

The President also reminded that the appointment of honorary civil servant becomes a permanent employee should consider the origin of proportionality.

Separately, Advisor to the Minister of Home Affairs Sadu Wasistiono in Batam, on Tuesday, as reported by Reuters, said as many as 124 of 491 districts / cities in Indonesia can not afford to pay salaries of civil servants because of financial deficits. "Regency / city in deficit because the cost of employee spending too much," said Sadu reluctant to specify the names of county / city can not afford to pay staff salaries.

The amount of the cost of personnel expenses due to the number of allowances to be paid to each civil servant and the large number of civil servants in each government. "Local governments annually raise civil servants, but not necessarily required," he said.

Professor of the Institute of Public Administration (IPDN) also highlights the number of mayor or regent raised civil servants based on promises during the campaign. "The appointment just based on him when the campaign became a campaigner so when the win was appointed as a civil servant remuneration," he said.

In order to overcome the government's inability to pay salaries of civil servants, Sadu said the central government to local governments to stop the proposed moratorium on the appointment of new civil servants through the next two years. With the moratorium, the expected number of civil servants will be reduced about 200 to 250 people each year due to retirement. "Now the moratorium was being deliberated," said Sadu.


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