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10 Best Sex Position To Reach Orgasme

Sex was not only aimed to enrich the world's population, but also as a means of unifying relationship and the most beautiful and most enjoyable way to demonstrate and strengthen the affection.

A lot of areas are involved in sex, not just foreplay, the true act and after play. All parts of this integral as a unified whole in matters of sex. But it certainly can not be denied that the most awaited part was the sexual relationship itself.

sex Style

If you are looking for ideas for a variety of exciting new position in sex, why do not you try a variety of new techniques.?


1. Deep Impact

This position is said to be able to provide the most intense orgasm is good for you or your partner. Let your body is on the bed with legs dangling. This position is also not likely be rejected by your partner, he would immediately approach you and can penetrate a variety of ways, either by pulling your leg close to his body, or by doing a split, he will have full access that provides an opportunity to penetrate deep as possible.

The combination of hip motion, gravity, and penetration will give a tremendous impact (Deep Impact), such as the convergence of the Earth and Sky.

2. The Butterfly Effect

This position is the most popular position in the Kama Sutra, since the emphasis on sensuality. This position maximizes contact the waist, so that will make your partner is really flying. With you on top, your partner will be able to see the full beauty of your body. In addition, with this position, you can rest comfortably and once again, control all your movements and your partner. Indeed, the ruling was so fun!

3. The Splitter

Perfect position for women athletes, and dancers who have a flexible body. Men are not as easy as a woman while doing the splits. Therefore, this position will make your partner can no longer restrain themselves when you tease him with this position. Try to combine the split forward with positions Woman on Top, she's certainly no longer be able to withstand heartbeat that will be faster.

4. The Lazy Dog

If you are too tired to make out, then the technique behind the penetration of these techniques will be most enjoyable. Movement is slow, sensual, and romantic are the main characteristics of this technique. This position allows you both to keep the act of intercourse without a high intensity. In addition, this position allows movement of the waist as freely as possible, so that your partner will be able to experiment with a variety of hip movements that make all the sides you will be touched by it.

5. The Snow Plow

This position is the best position to penetrate as deeply as possible. This technique was developed from the missionary position, and is the fastest and fun way to warm the body in the rainy season. The place does this position is in bed with you as a woman lying relaxed, and lift your legs up toward the head, and your partner will be very easy to pull through deep penetration, painless, and fun! :)

6. Standing Tall     

In the Kamasutra, the position is referred to as the 'suspended congress'. It stands as it looks uncomfortable and it's hard to have sex, but imagine if you were standing in the bathroom bershower, then this position would be perfect. Let your partner stand with his back against the wall, reach out and hug his neck so that you can depend freely.

Point your partner hand you hold your thigh and gravity will help complete the task with ease. Tip: try turning the water warm, and you both will increasingly feel the thrill of sensual!

7. Lap-Dancing Cowgirl

Cowgirl is another name for the Woman on Top (think like a woman riding a horse), well, this one technique will make all the enjoyment positions Woman on Top, plus a variety of additional effects that tease for your partner. For this technique, find a comfortable chair, but strong enough.

Confront your partner, and 'ride' from the front. This technique will completely make you power over your spouse, complete control in the hands (or body) you! Moreover, with the face like this, you will be free to do all sorts of mischief as you want. Interesting is not it?

8. Bend Over Backwards

Bored in bed? Try to find another place to 'have fun', such as a sofa. Maybe the idea is less fun if you use the sofa with the usual techniques. Try this technique is somewhat complicated but is guaranteed to make you both feel addicted. If you can arch your back until the hands touch hands, let your partner supports your foot that rests on the handle of a sofa or the back of the couch. This way, your partner will be able to penetrate easily, because the invitation from you that will not be resisted.

9. Reverse Spoon

If you're already bored with Spoon techniques, why not try by Reversed? This technique is like a spoon technique, performed with you lying on the side of the body, but rather is done by pressing your back to the couple, this technique will make you push your body to the thigh leg pairs. Penetration done upside down, and it ensures extra depth of penetration that will make you and your partner feel like flying!

10. Masters and Johnson

In a study by William Masters and Virginia Johnson, found that premature ejaculation and some other sexual dysfunction due to lack of support the body during sexual intercourse. So, do a little change to the missionary position with female on top.

The technique is also called the "Position of Lateral coitus" This makes women put his weight fully to their partners, while the body burden of both partners will be fully passed on to the pedestal. This technique allows the movement of the hip as freely as possible, so that, the pleasure that there will increasingly be felt.

Which do you choose? It must be difficult, because all positions are promising uncontrolled sensuality. Why not try it all alone?

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