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270 Tail Worms in Stomach Haikal, Forced operation

BENGKULU - A toddler named Haikal (5) have at least 270 pinworms tail with a total weight of 1.5 kilograms (kg) in the stomach. Hundreds of worms were revealed through the act of surgery at Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Where, Bengkulu.

"We know there are worms after doctors and medical teams Mana Regional General Hospital perform abdominal surgery on my son," said the father Haikal, Sudirman, Tuesday (09/20/2011).

Based on his testimony, the boy initially complained of abdominal pain that is unbearable on Sunday (18 / 9). Seeing the condition of the child, Sudirman and give traditional medicines and bring treatment to the village paramedics.

"He (Temple) continued to complain of pain, because there is no change in the next day we took him to the hospital," he added.

At initial diagnosis, the doctor said there is a strange object in the stomach Haikal so it was decided to perform surgery. No one thought, was a strange thing that makes the pain is 270 tail Haikal pinworms.

Haikal parents did not think if children suffer from intestinal worms because during this Haikal never show symptoms of the disease.

"He is rarely sick, bloated stomach is not like other people with intestinal worms," he said.

During this time the parents also always provide clean food and drinking water are cooked for Haikal. Although farmers and parents often go into the garden, the children are usually left with the grandmother and not allowed to play dirty.

While it currently has, Haykal condition began to improve after surgery. "He no longer complained of pain and began to eat," said Sudirman.

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bagaimana kehidupan dia sehari hari ya..?

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