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Bodies Can Walk in Toraja

Since ancient times, the area is famous Toraja has a mystery story that is so thick. One of them is a corpse that is often seen as being able to walk. Really it? Since the wars being fought between the West and Toraja Toraja East hundreds of years ago has left a story which is still believed by some to Toraja. In war, the mass of the West Toraja defeat and killed many people, but when going back to their hometown the whole body was suddenly able to walk, while the East Toraja people, although only a few are dead, they carried the bodies of their dead relatives.

Since then the battle is considered the incident tersebutlah series. On the next descent Toraja people often bury his body in a way it runs its own corpse into the grave which is still done by some people who have knowledge. Walking corpse turns out with a strong magical power that can turn the death of both humans and animals for a while only. Now, the practice of walking corpses that are very rarely performed on human bodies, they practice it more often to the animals such as chicken or buffalo are pitted in a state of broken neck.

Animals such as buffalo are already dipoting head and skinned up and still can be up and running fast, there raged here. Terrible! If you are feeling curious and do not believe it, just come straight to the West Toraja and meet people who have such knowledge.

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