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Boo, a Dog's funny to Millions of Fans

Who would have thought if a dog can have so many fans without having starred in advertisements or movies. Boo, Pomeranian breed has 1.79 million fans who flooded his Facebook account with praise.

The fame of this five-year-old dog began when a friend of the owner to upload the photos on a social networking site. Since then, many people are interested in collecting the drawings. Boo's popularity is not just limited to that. Khloe Kardashian celebrity classmates and Kesha is also a fan of the weight.

Boo was known for his bushy hair on her head. The owner has tried desperately to get rid of hair on his head was sacred. Luckily the owner failed to remove it. Because the fur that was originally considered as a disaster that just brings a lot of luck. Boo is now busy promoting his book was even titled Boo, the Life of the Worlds Cutest Dog, which is nothing but a collection of pictures featuring humor.

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