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Closer by Linkin Park Fans Outside the United

Linkin Park (Steve Granitz/WireImage)
Do not feel eleven years have passed since an American rap metal band Linkin Park released their debut album a huge success worldwide: Hybrid Theory. Had branded as a seasonal band with the kind of music that did not last long, the band whose members Chester Bennington (vocals), Mike Shinoda (vocals), Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave Farrell (bass), and Joe Hahn (DJ) this proves that they continue to thrive, through a new album titled A Thousand Suns.

Yahoo! Indonesia OMG! opportunity to talk with Brad Delson via a telephone line, one week before Linkin Park came to Indonesia to hold a concert at the Bung Karno stadium Jakarta, 21 September 2011. This will be the second time Linkin Park entertained fans in Indonesia after their first visit to Jakarta in 2004.

In this brief chat, he talks about how important the fans outside the United States for them. He also explains the reason why we can no longer refer to Linkin Park as rap metal band.

This will be the second time you visit to Jakarta. What do you expect?  
I remember, on our first visit, we are having fun in Jakarta. Concert went really well. So we were glad to return to Indonesia and share songs on the album A Thousand Suns with fans in Indonesia.

Linkin Park On the website, you upload a video blog announcing a concert in Jakarta. You also write a blog with the Indonesian language. As important as what's fans in Indonesia for you? 
From the beginning we make music, one of our goals is to share our music to listeners outside the United States. We have more than ten years of traveling the world, and almost in every country we feel like a local band. Welcome to our fans is very warm to the point that we feel as a local band. Their support even more strongly than the fans in the United States. We also felt a connection with you more strongly with what we have with the fans in our own hometown.

You've been three times to fill the Transformers movie soundtrack. Do you just love that movie?   
We feel there is a strong bond between the Transformers with our music. Moreover, we all had the Transformers robot toy as a child. Before the first Transformers movie was made, we've met the people behind the film and discuss possibilities for cooperation. Cooperation that we do is very strong, even for us feels more like a marriage between Linkin Park with the Transformers. Thanks to this cooperation we can also introduce the music of Linkin Park to the many people who may initially not listen to our music.

Transformers movie where the most you like?
When talking about special effects, obviously the first film. Technology they use is ground-breaking, has never been done by any other movie before. They also succeeded in making robot-robot so human.

So you better choose Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?
Hahaha ... I am confused to answer. Both deh. All of the above. Hahaha ...

A Thousand Suns new album released in 2010, but he said you guys already started working on the nextalbum. Really?
We never stopped writing songs. But now our focus is still on tour and promoting A Thousand Suns.

Brad Delson (C.Lauren/WireImage)
Ten years ago, you are a rap metal band. Now your music is different. Are you still the same fan?After ten years, our musical tastes changed. We are confident our fans musical tastes were changing. There is one thing we most avoid, and it is to make something that we've previously made. So we chose to evolve and change. Music is not something static. He is always evolving and changing. Linkin Park want to always bring new ideas and change so that we can not produce something that already exists.

What makes you still persist after more than ten years and changed the type of music? 
We always treat our band as a new band. We do not assume that just because Linkin Park's debut album was well liked, fans will remain loyal and love the later albums. Not like that. We are always looking for new approaches, a cutting edge, so that our music is always admissible. We also always involves emotion in our songs, so we work on our albums of material with a vengeance.

Linkin Park is known as a serious band in capturing video clips. Video clips which finished your favorites? 
Personally I like Breaking The Habit, a video clip of our anime format. It is the result of cooperation Joe Hahn with a renowned Japanese animator. Faint video clip is good, many say that the video was very iconic. While the video clips of the most successful songs are Irridescent describe emotions, so our songs are the soundtrack Transformers 3.

Reportedly as many as 10 thousand dollars from you in the Jakarta concert tickets are sold will be donated to victims of natural disasters Mount Lokon in Sulawesi. What is the reason you chose Mount Lokon? 
Honestly we do not know who will receive the donation, but we always set aside the sale of tickets, at least one dollar from each ticket, to be donated through Music For Relief foundation. This is a foundation that channels donations to victims of natural disasters around the world. Those who will choose to give to an extent. We do not have any more info about the details of this donation, which is clear in all the Linkin Park concert, we always give a portion of the proceeds to the Music For Relief for distribution to the needy.

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