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David Beckham is also an expert Hair Shaving

Throughout his career on the gridiron, how many times David Beckham's hair style changed. For the size of her celebrity, someone must have thought Beckham to spend at least thousands of dollars to pay the hairdresser. Want to know the truth? Apparently David Beckham shaves her own hair.

"For years people thought if I spent two thousand pounds just to tara hair, I never did that," said David Beckham as reported by Contact Music. Even if the media speculated David Beckham uses world-class hairstylist, perhaps not too wrong considering that he was the one figure who idolized a lot of people in terms of hairstyle.

"If it was not my friend who cuts, yes my own doing," said Beckham later. In addition, Beckham also had no role models in determining the style of her hair. "Sometimes I get up early and tired of seeing my hair, I want to shave it down. I also never thought of anything but because I love to do it," said Beckham later.

If that's true, at least David Beckham is still a reserve for possible future jobs he decided to retire as a footballer.

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