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Dian Inggrawati, the Proud Deaf Girl Indonesia

Dian Inggrawati when accepting the award in the contest Miss Deaf 2011 in Prague
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Beauty is something that comes from within, rather than what appears on the surface. "  

That is a statement of a Dian Inggrawati, deaf girl who steal third place in the Miss Deaf 2011 Prague, Czech Republic, June-July last. Dian achievements directly to the attention of government, through the Ministry of National Education (Kemdiknas), later known after 27-year-old girl is an alumnus of Santa Maria Jakarta vocational students.

Director of Vocational Guidance, Joko Sutrisno, Thursday (15 / 9), Dian invited along with his mother, Ida Hermawan, Principal SMK Santa Maria, Sri Purnami Mulyaningsih, and a vocational teacher of Santa Maria, Margareta WD Utari. In front of reporters in the House Kemdiknas, Dian reveals the key to success earned it the name of honor Indonesia.

"I did as a teenager has had an affinity with the world of design-designing," said Dian who get a bit of help the mother to translate his words. This is justified by Utari, which is currently a teacher mentor SMK majoring in Catering.

Although classified as children with special needs, it did not stop him to excel. Proved to have more than 400 trophies he collected starting from primary level up to finished college two years ago. "Since the level of primary school to college I was always into normal schools. I hope this achievement can give encouragement to my brothers who also holds other special needs," he said.

Although he was arguably the highest achievement, Dian will not stop until the event which has lasted for 11 years. Tall girl wants to encourage his fellow deaf younger to follow the same contest next year.

In addition Dian also dreamed someday be able to live independently without relying on help from the mother's untiring. "Someday I want to be a special designer deaf. I want to have your own boutique," he hoped.

Shahe food fans also recently get the minister to hold a congressional mandate Deaf Se-Indonesia within three months. "If the event is successful then we will lift the Dian as Ambassador of Education Inclusion," said Joko.

 To Dian, Joko promising to recognize the contribution he has done for Indonesia. If not a gift, Dian plan will be facilitated in developing her dream boutique in his home. "We will soon find his appreciation format. But the chances are one of two options," said Joko.

Dian struggle to gain recognition at international level is not at all easy. Moreover, Dian life today is really only supported his mother who worked as a cake seller. The father had passed away several years ago.

After completing studies at the University of Persada Indonesia 2009, Dian active daily at the Foundation for Healthy Life Coaching (Sehjira) where he did not get a salary from the foundation's deaf. But no warning, his luck came from the foundation that has stood since 2001 was.

Starting from the information will be the contest of Miss Deaf 2011 Sehjira Foundation, Dian immediately gather all the requirements needed. Departure to Prague last June 30 was really rely on their own expense because he only received a clothing sponsorship from one of his brother who has a boutique.

Departure to Prague had to be difficult obstacles shards visas to countries such Czechoslovakia. The mother even had to stay two days and two nights at the Czech Embassy to obtain a residence permit for the first child.

The story ends with a sweet after Dian had ranked third in the contest. He was behind the contestants from Italy, Ilaria Galbusera, which occupies the first position and the contestants came from Russia, Elena Korchagina, who finished runner-up. Achievement to be proud because he managed to beat 35 other contestants for the third rank.

Dian achievements teaches two things. First, each child, including children with special needs-right to fight for his dreams. Just like normal children, Dian also entitled to do things he enjoys. "Deaf? No Problem!" Dian said mimicked the slogan that was brought in Czech.

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