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The discovery of the Four-Legged Snake Hebohkan Residents

The snake was found by a citizen when creating a pond where sewage disposal.

four-legged snake
Community Kepuh Hamlet, Village Mulyodadi, Bambalipuro Subdistrict, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region shocked by the discovery of a snake that has four legs. The snake was found by Widoyo (35) who are working to justify the septic tanks in houses named Suroyo.

"As I was completing a septic tank, I saw a small animal like a snake, but moving on four legs," said Widoyo, Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Small four-legged snake is caught with a bottle of mineral water. "My four-legged snake that dribbles toward the bottle. Once inside the bottle that my mineral cover with strips of plastic, "he explained.

Meanwhile, the homeowner, Suroyo said four-legged snake has now been incorporated into the jar. The four-legged snake Suroyo words very similar to the lizard. But size does not fit with the long legs snakes that reach about 20 cm with a large sejari little toddler.

"His feet four, but small. Leg was functioning normally and can run quickly. The body also writhed like a snake a snake that moves, "he said

Findings emat legged snakes on Wednesday (7 / 9) direct spread to the neighbors and the village next door, so residents are curious and want to see these four-legged snake. "People flocked to the house because there are curious snakes with four legs," said Suroyo.

Suroyo claimed several neighbors called the serpent who was arrested at his home is a handyman who worked the ground snakes. "Said one of the snake charmer, snake is a snake the name of the land. But strangely has four legs, "he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of RT, Slamet said since the discovery of the snake house tesebut Suroyo many curious people visited the four-legged caterpillar form. "On Saturday yesterday and even elementary school children Grogol come to see that four-legged snake," he said

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