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Indonesian Big Four Internet Users in World

Indonesia is among the top four Internet users in Asia after China, India and Japan.

Position it shows the public is ready to engage and inspire others through the Internet, says Country Consultant for Google, Henky Prihatna in his press conference here on Tuesday.

To encourage the Indonesian people know and realize the power of the internet even further, he said, Google launched its first campaign in Indonesia with the theme "make the Internet an area of ​​creations".

This campaign emphasizes the benefits of the Internet for those who want to do more than just look or search for information, because the Internet is a collaborative platform, which is where it can be used by users to engage, inspire others and doing good things that benefit the people.

Internet first, continued Henky Prihatna, only used to find and view information. But now people continue to explore what else they can do over the internet.

Henky said, Google do a search to find examples of ordinary people who do inspiring things with the internet in Indonesia.

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