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KB Spiral Lower Risk of Cervical Cancer

The women who use contraception long-term types of intrauterine device (IUD), or lay people used to call it a spiral, could beacquiring an additional benefit of decreasing the risk of cervicalcancer or cervical.

In a study in Spain, published in the medical journal The LancetOncology mentioned, there is a significant reduction in risk ofcervical cancer in users of IUD contraception.

Although the IUD has no effect on the risk of infection with HPV(human papilloma virus), the virus that causes cervical cancer, butcontraceptives are inserted into the uterus is known to prevent HPVbecome malignant and cause cancer.

It is inferred from epidemiological studies that analyzed 26research on cervical cancer and involved more than 20,000 women with a review period of up to a decade.

IUD associated with a reduced risk of two main types of cervicalcancer up to 10 years. Women who use family planning spiral has a risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the lower 44 percent, andadenosquamous carcinoma declined by 54 percent. In the first yearof IUD use, the risk of getting cancer killer of both women was evendropped by half.

Regarding the duration of IUD use according to the researchers do not have any impact on disease risk. They mention the insert or pull out contraceptives interfere with precancerous lesions or trigger an immune response in the long run that has protective effects that inhibit the development of HPV.

Although the study found a link between use of IUDs and the risk ofcervical cancer, but researchers said it was not proven the existence of causality in both.

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