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Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi, erupted 14 Times Until Today

Mount Lokon in North Sulawesi, on Saturday morning bererupsi 14 times since dawn, said the head of the Observation Post Mount Lokon and Mahawu in Kakaskasen, Tomohon, Ruskanda Farid Bina, in Tomohon.

Based on the record, he said, a series of eruptions have occurred since the 1:04, 1:52, 2:48, 4:16, 5:00, 5:12, 5:26, 5:53, 6:05, 6:37, 7:00, 07,92 am, dan 07:42 10:13.">7:00, 07.92 am, and 07:42 10:13.

This eruption we categorize a small explosion and will not harm people," said Head of Observation Post Mount Lokon and Mahawu in Kakaskasen, Tomohon, Farid Bina Ruskanda. It said Farid, the eruption is still far fewer than the number of eruptions that occurred on Friday (16 / 9), as many as 34 times.

Six-hour period from 18:00 am to 24.00 pm on Friday (16 / 9), after recording a one-time volcano tectonic earthquakes with an amplitude of seven millimeters long 60-second quake.

Volcanic earthquake was recorded twice the amplitude (VA) second quake 50-10 10-31 millimeters long. While the shallow volcanic earthquakes (VB) recorded as many as six times the amplitude of 5-8 millimeters long earthquake from 3.5 to 6 seconds.

Also recorded is also 21 times the amplitude of 7-17 millimeters gusts earthquake, earthquake 10-110 seconds. In that period occurs nine times the eruption.

While the situation since the earthquake today at 00.00 AM-06: 12:00 tectonic earthquake occurred five times the amplitude of 6-18 mm, 50-200 seconds long earthquake.

Volcanic earthquakes in the (VA) as much as two times the amplitude of 10-31 mm, 50-10 seconds long earthquake. So even with shallow volcanic earthquakes as much as nine times the amplitude of 6-22 mm, 2-8 second long earthquake.

The earthquake also occurred 17 times the gusts of 10-38 millimeters amplitude, earthquake 530 120 seconds. While the eruption earthquake occurred eight times the amplitude of the earthquake from 0.5 to 2 50-200 sec. The pattern of previous eruptions still like eruptions. There is no big eruption," said Farid.

Only she hoped residents remain vigilant and do not enter the hazard-prone areas of Mount Lokon Tompaluan 2.5 kilometers from the crater, Mount Lokon. His status is still alert level III," he said.

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