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Next Week, the KPK Check the Ambassador of Colombia

Nazaruddin's black bag is still in the hands of Ambassador to Colombia, Michael Menufandu. Bags that include phone and wallet containing four Nazaruddin. Bag is currently sealed by the Ambassador. (Tas hitam milik Nazaruddin masih di tangan Dubes RI untuk Kolombia, Michael Menufandu. Tas itu diantaranya berisi empat hape dan dompet Nazaruddin. Tas saat ini disegel oleh Dubes)
Corruption Eradication Commission scheduled the examination of the Ambassador of Indonesia to Colombia next week Michael Menufandu. Michael will be questioned as a witness for Muhammad Nazaruddin, suspect cases of alleged bribery homestead SEA Games athletes, Palembang, South Sumatra.

It was delivered by Vice-Chairman of the KPK M Jasin via a short message to, Sunday (09/11/2011). "Yes, next week," he said.

However, Jasin can not be sure what day he would be examined. Michael KPK plans to request information related to the evidence in a black bag belonging Nazaruddin who had entrusted to him as former General Treasurer Democratic Party was caught in Cartagena, Colombia.

The contents of the bag is questionable after not finding flash SanDisk brand that is claimed to contain evidence on the allegations Nazaruddin-tudingannya. When investigators opened the bag in public, flash along with the CD, which contains footage of arrival Nazaruddin KPK deputy chairman Chandra M Hamzah to his home, was not found.

Related to the absence of two objects that, Jasin denied that it hides the evidence. According to him, the contents of the bag shown KPK investigators in a press conference on the day of departure Nazaruddin is the truth.

Fill a bag that is shown to the public that investigators presented as the embassy to the investigator. If true these two objects it contains evidence, Jasin said the commission will attempt to look for it. One of them requesting information Michael.

While Nazaruddin when questioning the Ethics Committee on Thursday (09/08/2011), said CCTV footage of the arrival of Chandra M Hamzah stored on a CD in his black bag. However, when I discovered the CD was not in her bag, Nazar suspect may have been in Singapore.

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