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Quick Tips and Tricks How Pregnant (Pregnant Fast Sex Style)

For those of you couples who wanted to have children here I provide tips tricks How to quickly get pregnant by performing various styles of lovemaking pregnant fast. For the style of sex also affect pregnant women fast because sometimes when you are wrong to force him to make love so sperm can not fertilize the female ovum.

Various positions available marital relationship on the internet sometimes not all of them make you quickly have a child. Therefore you should be more selective in choosing the style of sexual intercourse in order to quickly have a child.

Here is a tutorial step by step how to quickly get pregnant :

  1. Previous doing activities heating / foreplay that makes her so horny wife pubic / vagina wet wife.
  2. Ordinary wife lying supine with both legs slightly widened slightly to the side about 30 s / d of 45 degrees (not ngangkang). Times are not bent upwards, but may be straight or slightly bent to the left and right side.
  3. Husband wife to rest on (tangkurap on the body of his wife) with the hips are in front of the crotch of his wife with the position of the penisare in front of the burrow / hole vagina. The position of the wife's body weight can be attached or not attached.
  4. Set a good position before penetration of the penis into the vagina, if necessary prop husband with his own body so as not to incriminate his wife. The wife helps her husband with directing the penis into the cock pit.
  5. The husband then poked the penis into the vagina wife slowly and not too forced because it could make the wife of trauma. At first the wife may be experiencing great pain and cried because of the vagina hymen tear and bleed when the penis go in for the first time. Calm your wife to relax and ready to resume the marital relationship.
  6. Start again step number 4 (four) as it slowly because if it is on or Horni wife will get wet vagina and the penis makes it easy to go deeper. Do not be forced to go deeper if the wife is in pain.
  7. If you've managed to smooth it out with a back-and forth movement can be accelerated that would lead to orgasm husband that ejects sperm into the vagina or uterus wife. Do not change the position of first and do just this position during the wedding night / first night
  8. After the intercourse / relationship ML solved deliver sperm virginity wife and husband to wife the wife do not immediately clean up. Wife should butt while lying propped up on pillows and try to be not much sperm flow out of the vagina. The number of sperm that are needed to fertilize eggs in the reproductive systems wives. Do it for 15 s / d 30 minutes to be cleared up but not cleaned while showering. Just clean the surface of the vagina only, not in the hole. Maybe later semen will still often melt out, let it go because it's normal.
  9. In intimate relationships can be further tested another position that is easy. Remember the wife was not a prostitute so he could not do extreme and difficult position. Straddle position was not necessarily able to enjoy his wife. The position is easily the only position that has been described above. The position also allows the sperm to fertilize the egg to get pregnant.    
May you succeed take virginity / chastity your wife legally and religion. Avoid adultery with a woman not your legal spouse in order not to regret it later in the hereafter and do not occur outside of wedlock pregnancy and abortion. Respect your wife own and do not force it as I am sure you also do not like forced-forced. I am sure the correct style of lovemaking can satisfy your partner and make a fast get pregnant and mlakukan style sex position for pregnant women. Selamt trying!  

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