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A resident of the Village Pino New Sumatran Tiger prey

Officer Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) Bengkulu have not found a Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) that prey on a farmer in the village of New Pino, Lime Water District, South Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province

"Our team is still tracing the location of the attack in the area of ​​Bukit Daun protected forest, but to this day there has been no sign of the tiger," said Chief BKSDA Bengkulu, Amon Zamora, Monday (26 /).

He said it was lowered a team of 14 people to monitor the location of the attack against a citizen of New Village Pino is to cause casualties.

Identification of the scene (the scene) to know the certainty of the scene which is estimated to be in the area of ​​Bun Hill Forest Preserve, located 20 kilometers from the village of New Pino.

Although already known to the scene inside the forest area, but still needs to be taken if the point coordinate and monitor the tigers still roam around the location of the attack. "If there is already fallen victim, the tiger has to repeat the behavior. So the people who entered the Bun Hill Forest Preserve should be vigilant," Amon message.

Ban on entering the plea and Bun Hill Forest Preserve officials have been socialized to the citizens of the Village Pino BKSDA Recently, in order not to enter the Bun Hill district.

Previously, a resident of New Village Pino, Lime Water District, South Bengkulu, Milyan (18), was found dead and killed the tiger. The pathetic condition of his body was found in his coffee plantation, in the Bun Hill district on Sunday (11 / 9).

According to Amon, the scene contained in a bun Hill native Sumatran tiger habitat. It is not known exactly how the tiger attacked the victim because there are no eyewitnesses.

But the estimated distance of the victim with a tiger which is close enough to make it not time to save themselves from the attacks of the king of the jungle. "According to residents who found the victim, the victim's body around there are many traces of tigers. The victim was brought back to the township residents by alternately carried by his friends," said Amon. 

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