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Restaurants in Arab Fines Customers are not Spend The food

Restaurants in the eastern province of Damam, Saudi Arabia gave a penalty to its customers who do not spend all the food on their plates. This is done as a form of solidarity with the poor of the world.

Fines will be distributed to charity. Customers are not concerned with the existence of these penalties. "As long as it's for charity I am not questioning the idea," said one man after visiting the restaurant.

He just hopes that all restaurants in the province will follow suit. Another customer said he was surprised with this policy, but he thinks this is a pretty good move to encourage others to do good.

"There are other countries such as Somalia are suffering from hunger, and I find new ideas helps to promote economic and social awareness, and to teach people to consume the right amount of food, plus, it is environmentally friendly," says a Saudi man voiced concerns with various cases of famine that occurred at the global level.

According to a British government report, as much as 30 percent of food around the world may be lost or wasted, while other estimates have put the number at about 50 percent of food is lost because it was eaten.

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