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Richest in Saudi prince accused of raping Model

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud
Cases of rape allegations go back to slap the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, Kingdom Holding Company owner accused of raping a model on his luxury boat on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

The accusation of rape is actually the case for long. The event could be busy in August 2008. His case went to court but stopped in the middle of the road. But recently, the Spanish court judge intends to reopen the case and summoned Prince Al Waleed to testify.


Against the accusation that Al Waleed camp immediately denied. A spokesman for Al-Waleed, Heba Fatani, said, "The accusation was unfounded. It never happened. Prince Al-Waleed at that time (August 2008) is not in Ibiza. In fact, he never went to Ibiza for the past ten years."


He added, information and satellite data port ship Al Waleed, Kingdom 5KR is not even showing its position off the coast of Spain and Ibiza. Prince or renting a luxury boat in there.


This accusation came back after the New York Times story that said a Spanish judge intends to reopen the old case. The case was closed in July last year. Judge in Ibiza, at the time, said the case is less evidence of the alleged rape. But in the appeal in the Court of the Province of the Balearic Islands, any decision to re-investigate this case. Including Al Waleed bring forward a green table.


Prince Al Waleed Who? He is a renowned figure in the business world. He also entered the ranks of the richest men in Saudi Arabia. He was the only individual who has the biggest stake in Citigroup. In addition he also has the second largest stake in News Corp. owned by Rupert Murdoch. Forbes magazine estimated the wealth prestigious Al Waleed 2011 reached 19.4 billion U.S. dollars.

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