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Score 10 for Nadine at Miss Universe

Organizers of the Miss Universe 2011 to implement the new rules. For the first time, fans around the world beauty contest could be involved selecting contestants online to get 16.
One of 88 contestants of Miss Universe 2011 will be contesting seats in the semifinal heat, with the help of his fans vote. Such mechanisms in general, Miss Universe jury will select 15 of the assessment during the quarantine period. But this year, there will be an additional contestants will be selected for a total of 16. Additional one contestant is taken from the citizens of the world through the Global Fan Vote. From the last 16 will then be selected to be eight, four and finally selected a winner of Miss Universe 2011.
The committee will announce the contestants are selected through the Global Fan Vote on the final night of Miss Universe, 12 September 2011, broadcast live by NBC from Sao Paulo, Brazil 21:00 local time.

Voice for Indonesia 
You can also contribute to vote for contestants in the Miss Indonesia Universe 2011, Miss Indonesia 2010 Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames (20), through the Global Fan Vote Miss Universe 2011.
Way, visit the official website of Miss Universe in Then click on Vote for a semifinalist! Then select the contestants Indonesia, Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames, click Vote. Enter your email and verify by writing code that is listed. Select score 10 to show its full support for Nadine representing Indonesia. Click Submit.
With this simple way, you have a role to give support to Indonesia in the selection of the world.
"From one email address, you can give or send suarta 10 times a day," said Mega Space, Public Relations Manager of Yayasan Puteri Indonesia during a media briefing at Graha Mustika Ratu Jakarta, Wednesday (09/07/2011).
New selection mechanism was apparently delivered the organizers when contestants entered a period of quarantine. "Maybe the goal is more to maintain a sense of justice. Because then fans from each country can provide support in unison, when the quarantine period, to give voice to his representative in the Miss Universe so it can fit 16 large," explained Princess Kuswisnuwardhani, President Director of PT Mustika Ratu as Yayasan Puteri Indonesia builder.
Princess went on, it has not been informed whether such a mechanism would take place regularly every year in the Miss Universe. But surely, a new way by relying on the internet and online communities is opening more opportunity for contestants to enter in 16.
According to Princess, many observers of Miss Universe abroad, which also provides support to the contestants that they value quality.
"There is a floating voters abroad, which allows support of contestants from other countries who are considered worthy of winning. As more and more support to Nadine, including through online communities, Nadine known to the wider community can not only by citizens of Indonesia, but also citizens of the world," Princess said.

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