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10 Problems That Make Men Women Body Annoyed

10 Problems That Make Men Women Body Annoyed, as follows:

1. Toenails are long and dirty
One of our members call it the "Hobbit feet". The men did not need to get a pedicure, but do not ever let dirty toenails.

2. Hair that grows in places that should not be
Nose hair is the most widely known complaints, followed by fur ears. "So what does buying a pair of scissors and a mirror?" Said one member. Unfortunately we do not have an answer.

3. Mouth
This includes very basic things. We all brushing, cleaning between teeth, whiten teeth, but some men think that "disgusting mouth" is not a problem.

4. Body Odor
This can be caused by a rarely bathe or not to use deodorant. It also relates to the third point.

5. Eyebrows Problematic
Eyebrows can be said to be problematic if the man is too heavy or too neat because it accidentally unplugged. The women do not want to deal with cave men, but also do not want the men to have a more orderly form of eyebrows from the brow lady.

6. Too much use of cologne
If what he touched into fragrant, including the drug, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

7. Shave off hair
Who wants to touch with a man who looks like a newborn baby?

8. The heel dry and cracked
So what does for men to put some moisturizer in that area?

9. Stiff Hair
If the hair of the men as hard as the car door, they should think of buying hair care products. Even today the car door is not as hard times Flintstones car.

10. Leaving the black blackheads on the face
All people have acne, especially when the weather is very hot and makes frequent sweating. But for the problem of black spots or blackheads on the face, it would be good for men to routinely perform facial treatments.

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