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Tourists Sue Starbuck USD 3 million dollars

Coffee shops Starbucks sued for $ 3 million dollars, or by a tourist from Virginia. He said that his daughter who was five years found a video camera (hidden camera) that is hidden in a small room at one store in Washington.

William Yockey (28) accuses the global coffee shop based in Seattle was in violation of privacy, negligence, intentional emotional distress, and negligent in hiring, training and supervision of employees.

Yockey, who brought his family to the capital of the United States in April, immediately report such a shameful and disgusting to the store manager, who was only a few blocks from the White House. Thus written in a copy of his complaint that shown on Tuesday (20 / 9).

Police searched the bathroom and investigate the camera - which is tucked into the U-shaped pipe under the sink, according to the plaintiff - to find fingerprints before the camera was confiscated as evidence, as written in the lawsuit.

"It was embarrassing, even to this day," said Yockey told ABC News. He added that if there is recording her daughter was in the bathroom when spread on the Internet, meaning that he had violated his rights ".

Yockey's lawyer, Hank Schlosberg, sent a claim through the courts District of Columbia for one million dollars in compensation and two million dollars as damages for breach of privacy.

Starbucks spokesperson could not be questioned but the local weekly "City Paper" stating that the company had tried but failed to dismiss because Yockey not refute anything that made ​​Starbucks employees.

Last May, police arrested a suspicious man who recorded at least 40 women with a hidden camera at a Starbucks in California while another man was arrested in June for putting a camera in the other Starbucks stores in Florida.

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