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Transactions during the SEA Games Increase Sex, Condoms Prepared

If the government and the central committee SEA Games in Palembang is still dizzy and facilities upon the completion of complex games and contests, the National AIDS Commission (NAC) City of Palembang is not so.

The Commission's interest in deterrence and prevention of AIDS / HIV for humans in the region.

KPA made ​​200 corner of condoms in hotels and nightclubs of international sports-related title.

"So easy to get a visitor's patron objects during sex. It is estimated that sexual transactions will increase, given the many visitors who come from different countries to this city," said Secretary of KPA Palembang, Zailani UD" .

According to him, can not be denied any existing international activities, the sex trade one of the most crowded done, considering that most visitors are from countries that tend to behave freely.

Provision of condoms is also a tradition that carried out each time any country to host the big event, such as the SEA Games, he said again.

KPA regularly Palembang also outreach to commercial sex workers to always use condoms during sex with their customers.

Routinely working with the local health office, the institute also conducts outreach to commercial sex workers routinely be checked by a clinic Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT), among others, to conduct HIV tests are done voluntarily, he said.

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