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Variation People Farts, You are Where?

Honest People
People who are willing to admit when I fart

Dishonest People
People who fart instead blame others

People who hold farts for hours

People Oriented
People who know when to be fart

Mysterious Man
People who fart but nobody else knows

People believe in yourself
People who believe that farts smell

If farting while smothering by hand
then dibekapkan to another person's nose

Shy people
The person who farts guns but embarrassed themselves caught

People Strategic
People who fart while laughing at full speed
for voice nutupin kentutunya

Saving people
If he's been farting farts breathing pattern to replace the outgoing

Smart People
People who can find other people fart

People Magic
If farts are powered in

If dikeluarin fart sounds a little bit until the beep ... beep ... beep ...

Smart Aleck
People love their own farts nyiumin

People Friendly
People love other people fart nyiumin

People Punk
People who fart while ngupil

Stubborn person
People who immediately reply after the kentuti person next.

People Amit Amit
People who fart and then after installing cute face

Farts by frequency :
Farts at least 3 times a day = Healthy People
Farts at least 5 times a day = Normal
Farts at least 8 times a day = One meal
Fart at least 15 times a day = Abnormal
Farts 15 000 HZ frequency = Bomber
Farts barrage = Machine gunner
Noiseless fart = Stealth killer, a mysterious
Fart here who got there = Sniper
Want to fart but pushed out the dregs = *****
People have enough to do THAT READ =
Crazy people = Works researching fart

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