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Wedding Save the Health of People with Cancer

Housekeeping proved to have a positive impact on cancer patients. Because marriage can increase life expectancy for men or women who were diagnosed with cancer

As quoted from the site indiavision, a study conducted by researchers from Penn State's College of Medicine and Brigham Young University found that when cancer patients who get married have a 14 percent chance of survival is greater than the cancer patients who are not married. This research was conducted by analyzing medical records of 127,753 cancer patients.

Patients who have housekeeping tends to respond to any condition of his body. It makes cancer can be detected early. Not only that, they also tend to seek better treatment.

"Knowing the early and control the cancer. That's the key," said Sven Wilson, one of the researchers in this study.

Another factor is that the couple could be true friends to deal with cancer. It could foster hope for recovery for the patient.

Initially the researchers only know that marriage can increase life expectancy for patients with colon cancer in various stages. Then the researchers also found that marriage can also save any type of cancer patients.

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