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With Pedicab, Children's School To So Doctor

As usual, every morning, always Suyatno pedicab ride in the crowded street in the city of Yogyakarta. This profession has been engaged citizens Terban, Yogyakarta, it's past since 1975 to connect everyday life. While the wife Suyatno, Saniyem, helping supplement the family income by becoming scavengers used goods at the hospital.

However, on Tuesday (8 / 9) morning, Suyatno was hung in front of a hotel to look for passengers as usual. Therefore, the father of four children received an invitation from the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) to attend a meeting with parents of students on campus.

With a pedal pedicab, Suyatno come to the GMU campus. His presence was immediately greeted by the organizers asked him to sit in the front row seats. He was asked to go ahead and tell her lecture experience at GMU is now a doctor.

Currently, Suyatno can already admitted a relieved smile and live her old age in peace because her children were able to be independent. The youngest, Great Bhaktiar, is now undergoing an internship program at the Regional General Hospital Kulonprogo after the title of doctor of UGM.

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