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World's Largest Crocodile Successfully Captured in Philippines

FISHERMAN Philippine crocodile captured the world's largest estimated

MANILA (AFP) .- It weighs a ton and is believed to be devoured at least one fisherman, but now the giant crocodile was finally caught by 100 villagers in the Philippines.

From snout to tail length of 21 feet, making it the largest crocodile ever captured alive in recent years.

Reptile was caught, after three weeks of being hunted, in a river in the Philippines by the villagers living in fear for over 20 years.

Perhaps the closest rival this monster is Cassius, an Australian saltwater crocodile 18 feet long and are still wandering in the Northern Territory.

Philippine crocodile habitat is located in a river in Agusan, impoverished area 500 km southeast of Manila. Initially none of the villagers who dared to try to catch it. However, when a fisherman village is missing and the crocodile becomes the main suspect, the hunt began.

"We are very nervous about dealing with this beast, but it's our job because it is a threat to the villagers and their livestock," said Edwin Elorde local leaders. "When I finally see him after being arrested, I could not believe my eyes. It's big enough to swallow three men at once," he was quoted as saying

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