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Beware, dangerous fish therapy

According to experts, fish or fish spa therapy has a potentially fatal health risks.
LONDON - fish therapy, you know him right? The therapy is becoming a trend in several countries including Indonesia this involves small fish to bite the dead skin cells. Clients simply dipping their toes into the shallow pool filled with hundreds of tiny Garra Rufa fish, then let the fish 'work' nibble your dead skin layer.

However, be careful. People with weakened immune systems or open wounds at risk of contracting the infection through this therapy. Is an organization of the Health Protection Agency (HPA), which reminded of this and advise people with diabetes or psoriasis to not melakukaan this therapy.

In fact, a spokesman for the HPA said the risk of most 'creepy' from this therapy, the likelihood of contracting hepatitis or HIV / AIDS.

Dr Hilary Kirkbride, consultant epidemiologist at the HPA, said the infection can be transmitted in various ways - from fish to bite people during the process, from contact with contaminated water, or from person to person by sharing the same tank.

In the UK, this therapy was popular. In salons, spa fish, so termed, is flooded with customers.

Spa fish have been banned in some U.S. states.

Despite recent warnings, pampering treatments have been embraced by the

Some celebrities and sports stars also become customers, including Manchester City footballer Vincent Kompany, and the famous TV presenter Amy Childs and James Argent.

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