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Found one-eyed shark

These sharks are found in the body of a shark normal parent in California.

CALIFORNIA - In the current era of engineering photography, it's hard to believe something strange discovery reports, including reports on the discovery of the one-eyed albino shark fetus-like creatures have a one-eyed Cyclops in Greek mythology.

However, this one-eyed shark, taken from the belly of a shark caught in the normal commercial fishing boats in the Gulf of California a few months ago, is something real. Researchers have been studying sharks strange creature that has preserved it, and found that the single eye is composed of eye tissue that is able to function. However, the researchers said last week, it seems these creatures will not be able to survive outside its mother's womb.

"It's very, very rare," said Felipe Galvan Magana shark expert from the Centro de Ciencias del Mar Interdisciplinario (Mexico). "To my knowledge, fewer than 50 samples of such abnormalities ever recorded in the whole world," he said as reported

One-eyed shark is becoming popular on the internet after the photos uploaded by Pisces Fleet Sportfishing a service company. However, this is not the first time report the findings of a strange creature became a sensation in the media. Last week, a Russian official claimed finding evidence of the Yeti, while the paleontologist (experts prehistoric creatures) announced a theory about the squid monster. Few of the reports findings reinforced that myth creatures proof.

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