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Highway 6 With Beautiful Scenery in Asia

Although much of Asia consists of an archipelago and a few densely populated major city, there are places that can accommodate your desire to step on the gas pedal cars deep. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Asia to drive and enjoy the freedom of the streets. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while you feel the wind blowing on the face exposed to the sun. And do not forget, bring a list of your favorite songs to accompany all the way!

Photo credits - Shermeee  
Great Ocean Road - Australia
Just a stone's throw from Melbourne, you can find the Great Ocean Road. The road along the 151 miles (243 km) linking along the southern coast of Australia. This is one of the world's favorite location to watch the sunset, especially if you are near the 12 Apostles (Apostle), lined astonishing limestone rubble. Do not miss also a helicopter tour along the coast if the weather support, and some discount stores in Torquay surf gear. There are also walking in the forest area near the store Lorne enchanting waterfall. And there are some 'entrance' to the last tropical forests in Australia, Great Otway National Park.

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Canal Path-Vietnam Hai Van
Canal Hi Van, on the route between Hue and Hoian 1A, claimed as "a ribbon of perfection ... one of the best beaches in the world's roads." Hi means the cloud sea, and indeed the surrounding hills are often shrouded in fog. This route has the alternative pathway, Hai Van Tunnel. For many drivers, this is a difficult path, so beware before trying it yourself! But with views of green hills, sparkling sea, and mountain peaks, is a very beautiful place.

Photo credits - N-i-b-i

Path Osado Skyline - Sado Island, Japan
Over the years, Sado Island has become a refuge of political rebels, but the tourists come here to enjoy the peace and tranquility. With a population of 70 thousand people, there is room to relax while enjoying relief asrinya Osado mountains, sea cliffs, and small villages. Hiking are very popular activity on this island, but do not miss the street along the 155 miles (250 km) that you can explore. Best view you can see when passing through the intersection line between the mountains and Mount Kinpoku Osado, the highest peak of this island. Be sure to stop at the point Hakuundai; do not forget, this road will be closed in winter (November-April).
Photo credits - Tingting Sullivan

Path Northeast Phuket - Thailand 
Apart from bustling Phuket, there are several paths you can go through to see the countryside. One is the path Mission Mills, while the other is the popular Northeast corner of Phuket. First it was the Monument of the Fighters and around the east coast of the island. There are stunning views of Phang-nga Bay and you'll find many fishing villages along the way that invites you to enjoy seafood. Do not forget to also see the statue of the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesha.

Photo credits - isafrancesc

Halsema Highway - Philippines
If you want to reach the highest peak in the Philippine highway system, a direct course towards the Halsema Highway which links Baguio and Sagada. The name is taken from highway engineers are able to build a road through the mountains. In addition to views of farms and vegetable gardens, you can also see a variety of unique objects. Unique moment when you see a lot of these villages are set up monuments to their biggest export, vegetables. Make sure you stop to take pictures at the statue of potatoes, carrots statue, and so on. Only in Asia

Photo credits - geoftheref
From Twizel to Mount Cook - New Zealand
Water was never seen more blue and surreal than in the middle of Lake Pukaki in the South Island, New Zealand. The road along the 39 miles (63 km) from Lake Pukaki through Twizel that seemed without end, ending at Mount Cook Village, where you can see the snowy peaks of Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest point. In this village you can choose hiking or enjoy a tour to Lake Pukaki. You can also drive to explore the many paths in this area, but Mount Cook had a lot of charm.

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