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So Sophia Latjuba Select Artists in America

Sophia Latjuba
Divorced, Sophia wanted to be artists in the U.S.

Met reporters after the news of the affair, Sophia even talk about his career in America.
Sophia Latjuba and Husband
Although rumored divorce with her ​​husband, Michael Villareal, Sophia Latjuba beautiful celebrities still enjoy his work in the entertainment world to enjoy Indonesia. Sophia is seen filling the show Black & White, Wednesday (19/10) in the region Pancoran, South Jakarta, reveal many things.

"My age is 41 years old, have two children, could have a body like this because I am diligently practicing yoga. I am also a Yoga instructor. Until now, health guard, I never liposuction and plastic surgery," said Sophia.

The former wife of musician Indra was also told that despite three years of living in America, his relationship with his former partner is still good. Evident from the princess, Eva Celia, had collaborated with his father sing, Indra through skype to get a scholarship to music school in America.

"If asked to choose a career, I prefer America. Because there is more stable future, not only because of his money, but the appreciation and consistent in his career more secure. Here is more to entertainment, yes. Well let important it is to survive because life is an interesting thing. today is yes to this day, not to worry the next day and in the future, "lid Sophie who had to audition to become an actress in Los Angeles.

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