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Toddler Hit-Run Victim's Death

Wang Yue, a two-year-old boy who twice squashed cars in China, finally died. The case has sparked outrage on public ignorance.

As quoted by Reuters, the Hospital has made ​​every effort to save the baby girl, but his life is saved because of severe brain injury.

Two car driver who ran over Yue was arrested, but in cyberspace arise cueknya criticism about how people who do not want to help Yue. This was triggered by the release of video footage on the internet these tragic events.

The video, recorded on October 13, later aired by television stations. In the video, which ran Yue van appears in a narrow street in Foshan city, Guangdong province, kept walking and did not help.

For seven minutes later, people are passing around the scene to keep cool and then strolled Yue run over again by a truck. A scavenger then pulled to the curb and the mother of the baby come in handy.

Yue death invites a reaction in cyberspace. "I hope this little angel, who discarded by society, so the alarm about the importance of moral education," wrote a blogger.

"Hopefully you can find love in heaven. The world is filled with apathy, "wrote another blogger.
Solidarity for Yue visible from the Xinhua news alerts about the donation of 270 thousand yuan (about USD 270 million) to finance the treatment of Yue.

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