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Bustling, noisy eating Accelerate Hepatitis A Transmission

Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih said the possibility of outbreaks of hepatitis A becomes very large considering the virus causing the disease can easily be transmitted through food eaten together.

"So if there is one hit and the man came into the office or school and eat a gang, like chili dipped noisy, it will quickly spread (virus). So if snack look around. For those who can not take food from home, look for places that pocket clean and do not forget to wash your hands before eating, "said Minister of Health apples after attending the National Health Day (HKN) 2011 Ministry of Health in the house on Monday.

Minister of Health revealed that the outbreak of Hepatitis A is often the case, not only in Depok, West Java last week which was declared to be an extraordinary event (KLB). "Every year there are events (Hepatitis A) This place is different, therefore, easily spread through food," he said.

Meanwhile, the status of outbreaks in Depok has not been revoked because the Ministry of Health had to wait up to two times the incubation period for the virus in question may revoke the status of the outbreak.

For preventive measures, Health Minister reminded about the importance of personal hygiene such as implementing a clean healthy life behaviors (PHBs), which among others is to wash hands with soap before and after meals and before doing some other activity.

In addition, not less important is the health minister called environmental sanitation such as taking out the trash in its place or use clean water for cooking.
Hepatitis A outbreak that hit SMKN II Depok, West Java last week has spread to 90 people ie 89 students and a teacher of the school. The school was closed several days while the Ministry of Health together with the local Health Department to investigate the source of infection and perform a disinfectant against the school site.

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