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Chronology of commotion "Komodo"

Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park in West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara.
Komodo dragons, ancient reptiles that lived in East Nusa Tenggara since 4 million years ago, is being highlighted. Animals of the time the dinosaurs became the object of the conflict the Government of Indonesia with the award of Komodo and Supporting New 7 Wonders Foundation, a foundation in Switzerland.
"For Jusuf Kalla, an important first famous dragons throughout the world so that foreign tourists coming to Indonesia."

Komodo including highly endangered animals are protected. Reptiles are the only animals left over from the time of the dinosaurs. In East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), since the dragons estimated 4 million years ago.
The uniqueness is what makes many parties interested in utilizing the dragons as objects of various interests. Institute for New 7 Wonders Foundation (N7W) of Switzerland, for example, after the Komodo National Park (KNP) with 439 nominations (objects of natural heritage) more than 220 countries to commercial contest Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

Heidi Webber Foundation established this opens the Seven Wonders of the Natural World contest in 2007. Previously, the Foundation is also holding a contest Seven Man-Made Wonders of Nature.

In previous contests, Borobudur and Prambanan N7W can not officially be nominated for election as the Government of Indonesia did not want to support the official (official supporting committee / OSC). At that time, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kembudpar) condemnation from some quarters for failing to maintain the Borobudur and Prambanan.

Wonders of the World contest, both natural and manmade, is his vote via the internet. As for natural wonders, besides KNP, other nominations from Indonesia is Lake Toba and the Son of Mount Krakatoa.

Therefore do not want denounced again, in 2008 Kembudpar OSC of the third took the initiative to put forward nominations to contest the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Director General of Tourism Marketing at the time, Nirwandar, the official register KNP, Lake Toba, and Mount Anak Krakatau in the event the contest by paying a registration fee each of the 199 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 1.8 million.

Officially registered, the third object is to follow the selection to be 28 finalists. TNK 28 big escapes, while the Lake Toba and the Son of Krakatoa failed.


The next process, Indonesia offered to host the declaration of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Kembudpar when it stated intention to be the host declaration.

Process correspondence with N7W was actively carried out. Based on information from N7W, large funds needed to host. Count them, Indonesia had to spend the cost of providing about 35 million U.S. dollars, or USD 383 billion.

Financing mechanism is not borne by the state, but rather sought through sponsorship, similar to the Miss Universe or American Idol. However, according to Sapta, no sponsors Indonesia are able to finance the event declaration. Therefore, no funds may take the State Budget, Indonesia to host discouraged.

This triggers a conflict with N7W. Through teleconferencing facilities held Jusuf Kalla, Friday (4 / 11), at the Head Office in Jakarta Indonesia Red Cross, Jean-Paul de la Fuente, Director N7W, say, the Government of Indonesia can not be trusted. "If someone is able to declare, talk of those we hold," he said.

Considered broken promise, N7W originally wanted to write off Komodo dragon as a finalist Seven Wonders of the World. However, the final decision N7W strike Kembudpar as OSC. Komodo can continue to enter the contest as long as there are other supporting the OSC.

Feeling threatened N7W, Kembudpar officially withdraw from the contest Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Previously, the government assisted the Embassy of Indonesia in Switzerland and a number of journalists went to the N7W. The result, no clear N7W address, zip code between letterhead and different office locations, and many other irregularities. "We concluded the agency did not credible," said Jero Wacik, who was then Minister of Culture.

After Kembudpar no longer be OSC, environmental activist Emmy Hafild along with several colleagues in the Supporting award of Komodo (P2K) states could be OSC. P2K and then strive for not only voting via the Internet, but also through short messages (SMS) to be more accessible to people of Indonesia. They also took Jusuf Kalla, Chairman of the PMI, as Ambassador winning Komodo.

At the beginning of the campaign P2K, voting through SMS is charged rate of $ 1,000 per SMS. However, because difficult to attract support, through lobbying Jusuf Kalla, SMS rate drops to $ 1 per SMS. "The money will be returned to the operator as a token of gratitude to the operator community," said Kalla.

Jean says, when voting closes on November 11, 2011, they will announce interim results of voting.

For Jusuf Kalla, an important first famous dragons throughout the world so that foreign tourists coming to Indonesia. What if eventually even interfere with conservation of dragons? "Komodo used as an exclusive tour," said Kalla.

Foreign tourists are expensive tariffs and the number is limited by the rules of conservation. When this line, foreign tourists visiting other tourist resorts in the country.

Unfortunately, the idea of ​​tourism development is not understood. What emerged polemic N7W validity, the flow of SMS credits pieces, and so on.

If human welfare estuary, all efforts should be based on honesty and sincerity. (Lusiana Indriasari and Stephen Osa)

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