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Destructive Habits of Marriage

Not many people realize that some of his custom made ​​contact with his loved ones to fall apart. Want to know what are habits?

Blaming others is easier than to look to ourselves. But was the failure of the relationship comes from the pairs, or habits lest you cause. Here are some habits that you should avoid because it can be bad for marriage.

Stop listening
Sometimes a marriage that has been running a long time to make you and your partner know each other thoroughly. but that is often forgotten is that every human being must experience changes. Starting from the attitudes, ideals, desires and much more. Do not rush when you feel emotional couples no longer like that you recognize first. Try to remember back, did you ever spend time in busy schedules for a moment listening to his story? Have you ever been listening patiently kesahnya every problem there in the office only for 10 minutes? If the answer is no, then do not be surprised if unconsciously, your relationship and your partner getting any distance. This also applies to those who have a long or a long courtship.

Eliminating romance
Age of marriage is not a reason to stop being romantic. Romanticism is owned by anyone, young or old. For the adults, of course not the passionate romance like a teenager boy should be displayed. But a simple greeting like 'I love you' to start and close the day certainly not excessive is not it?

Blaming your partner in all things
Always making your partner feel annoyed with pelupanya attitude, attitude cueknya also indiscretions? Have you remind your partner with the language and soft speech without emotion, rather than direct anger, rage and prolonged a fight? Try not to blame the spouse at any time. If there was a small mistake he did, better remind him with gentle speech. No point in arguing, because it's not going to change anything.

Run from a fight
If indeed there are things that should be discussed, although up to be a fight, you still have to face. The quarrel is also one way to know each other. Holding emotions will only create a time bomb in your marriage. If indeed there is something that whippy, you should express your emotions before peaking. Holding emotions to get out and vent their unhappiness with friends or companions are also not recommended. because the emotions are not stable, all the bad things could happen.

If indeed you and your partner can no longer resolve the dispute, it is better to ask for help that are neutral third person. For example a wedding consultant.

No honest about the financial
Did you know that a dispute about money is the main cause of divorce, not adultery or dissent. For that, it's good to be open about money. Arrange your financial planning together with a partner. If there is a problem, do not hesitate also to talk about it together.

Stop and pay attention to preen themselves
While you and your partner are bound promise before God in a marriage, but that's no reason to stop and pay attention to appearance preen themselves. Dress up for your husband is not the wrong thing. To please your partner with a beautiful woman who also sports soul.

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