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Komodo Island Tour Destinations Exclusive Proposed So

Surge in popularity of dragons because cruised into the final round contest seven new wonders of nature is believed to have an impact on tourist arrivals surging into the Park. Therefore, precaution should be considered tourism without damaging the conservation of the island of Komodo. One of them makes the island of Komodo in Indonesia as an exclusive tour.

"The maintenance of the visit, the tourists on the island of Komodo should still be restricted. It can not be too much," said Ambassador Komodo Jusuf Kalla told a news conference related to the election of the Park into seven natural wonders of the world, in Jakarta, Saturday (11/12/2011).

According to Kalla, Komodo Island is not the same as Bali or other tourist destinations. Around Komodo Island is indeed no lodging place for travelers to stay. If you are interested to settle a few days then the choice of tourists is the Labuan Bajo who had a travel time of about two hours to Komodo Island.

"Usually tourists to the island of Komodo is spent in one day for trekking and enjoying its natural beauty," said Kalla.

Nevertheless, it does not mean the development of tourism on the island of Komodo will not do. He explains, there are already plans to add facilities such as toilets and garbage disposal at the site. He also had the idea to add a ranger (handler) in the area for safety and comfort of tourists.

"To maintain the balance of the ecosystem in the region, tourists can not tumplek just there," he said.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Supporters of winning Komodo, Emmy Hafild, also supports the development of tourism on the island of Komodo. He reveals, the ecosystem around the island of Komodo fragile. Availability of water is less in that place so it can not accommodate the tourists who cornucopia.

"We were scared even disturbing the ecosystem. The mistake commonly made ​​is never combine conservation and development. The concept this time we will combine for balanced," said Emmy.

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