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Select Tablet or Notebook?


The concept of the computer has changed. If we imagine a computer used is a product designed boxes that seem rigid and equipped keyboard, it is different now. Computers come in many forms, including in the form of tablets which rely on the touch screen without the help of the keyboard.

The increasing popularity of tablet PCs are now even been blamed as one cause of slowing growth in sales of notebooks and netbooks. In fact, the average vendor and media tablet computer is positioned as a second computer, as a complement to your laptop or notebook.

But on the consumer side, often appears confused between buying a tablet PC or notebook. Plus the incessant action of sellers who promote their goods, consumers are often less satisfied due to wrong purchase.

To ensure you can maximize the product purchased, the following three steps that can be used as a guide decision making when it comes to choosing between tablet PCs and notebooks.

Get to know your needs
Although both classified as a computer, but the tablets and notebooks designed for and how to use a different purpose. In fact, most outstanding tablet PC has a different operating system.

Due to the difference in this operating system, application or software that is used automatically also different. For example, for notebooks based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, you may be using Microsoft Office or Open Office to open a script or a complete financial statements.

But on a tablet computer, which used the same application is different, both in terms of capabilities, features, and how to use. So make sure your needs will be met newly purchased device.

Another basic difference lies in the use of a keyboard. Although you can use a tablet computer with additional keyboards, but almost all applications for the tablet designed to maximize the use of the touch screen.

So if you do a lot of text input such as typing a long text, entering data, and serious gaming hobby, it is recommended you buy a notebook. However, if your computer activity was limited to browsing the Internet, chat, short text typing, diary notes, listening to music, playing casual games, as well as the rare type, then the tablet PC can meet your needs. Make sure the application you need is in the desired platform.

Calculate the funds
Once it recognizes your needs, now make sure the funds owned enough. When calculating the fund prepared to buy a tablet or notebook, make sure there are additional funds to purchase additional accessories or warranty support.

Some tablet PCs have also been equipped with an integrated mobile Internet, which allows Internet connection through a network of mobile operator data connection. For notebooks, often you have to spend extra money to buy a dongle or USB modem to connect to the Internet.

Depending on the brand and specifications, tablet PC prices ranged between $ 1.5 million - Rp 8 million. As for netbooks, between $ 2.5 million - Rp 6 million and notebooks between $ 3 million - USD 30 million. Often, the price difference lies in the brand and some of the features it has.

One of the advantages of buying a tablet output is well-known brand after sales support and resale value better. As for notebooks, which tend to remember more uniform specifications, brands, designs, and prices will be the paramount consideration.

Given the price of a tablet PC that is relatively cheaper than notebooks and netbooks, there is nothing wrong if you choose a tablet PC. Obviously if it can meet the needs of tablet PCs.

How high is your mobility?
Perhaps this is the most decisive consideration. For those who travel a lot, carry a notebook sometimes quite burdensome due to the size and weight. Especially if you take it for longer periods of time, using a notebook bag perfunctory.

If you have a high mobility and needs just a presentation or access the Internet, the tablet PC is a wise choice. Besides light, tablet PC is also much cooler so it does not pose a problem if you forget to shut down while in the bag. Long battery life and lit a short time an added value to be reckoned.

Tablet computers arguably still considered a newcomer, so that its development is still in its early stages. In the future, tablet computers will have the capability and usability more. Both the notebook and the tablet has its own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you're not miscast. Congratulations to buy.

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