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This He Three New Challenger iPad 2


Nearly a year Apple iPad 2 was released, yet there is no single Android tablet near record sales of iPad.

Asus Transformer is priced at $ 399 sold out due to lack of stock while the first tablet-based Honeycomb, Motorola Xoom only become trimmer store shelves for months after the price is $ 799 discounted heavily.

Xoom is considered a strong competitor but not dependable, its application was very little compared to the iPad.

Perhaps, non-iPad tablet of the most successful is the tablet Barnes and Noble Nook Color measuring one-half of the tablet in general the price of half a tablet as well and basically it is an e-reader with a web browser and applications.

Tablet tebaru Nook and Amazon are in the process of creating its own tablet Kindle Fire with the same price and specs. Meanwhile, Xoom back into the market with a tablet edition of the Media.

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire is one tablet seeded with 7-inch tablet (half the size of the iPad). Tablets will be sold at a price of $ 199 and come out on November 15. Users may not be interested in the specifics because the tablet was designed only to buy books, games, and applications from the Amazon online store, plus movies and music in addition.

Amazon Prime members will be equipped with "more than 10,000" streaming movies and television shows for free on the Kindle Fire. Silk web browser Pengakselerasian raises several privacy concerns.

Nook Tablet
Early leaks indicate Nook will sell $ 50 more than the Kindle but Nook Fire has two on-board storage and a much better specs.

Availability of library books and the application will be fewer than Amazon, and lack the ability to Amazon Cloud Drive or music and movie store. Color Nook store specials tied into Barnes and Noble, although downloading content and browsing the Angry Birds for free.

Xoom 2
So far no details of the upcoming Motorola tablet and is not yet clear whether it will available in the U.S.. So far, all the advertising and promotion leaked in the UK. Apparently, Motorola tablet 2 and Xoom Xoom 2 Media Edition RAZR style Droid borrow at a price equivalent to the iPad 2. Xoom size 2 Media Edition 8.2 inches smaller, and the two devices using the Android Honeycomb (although Ice Cream Sandwiches will be available at a later date).

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