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This man brought domesticated bison everywhere

A man in Canada have pets in the house unique. He considers this giant bull as a pet in the house like a cat or dog. 

Jim Sautner and his wife Linda are very fond of big black bison that they berinama Bailey Junior. Bison rakasasa is always taken where they went, to the bars, sightseeing and even lived in the house. 

Bailey Junior 3 year old weighs about 825 kilograms and reach 1.8 meters height and body length of about 2.4 meters. Black Bison is now a family pet home Sautner in the City of Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada.

If so, then the Bailey Junior is the home of the largest pet world. Initially, Bailey was born when the parent left behind. Both of these couples have to take care of both.

Bison is included in the group even hoofed mammals that live in the northern part of the earth. These animals can survive until the age of 20 years, and was born without horns.

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