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6 Celebrities with Hair Style Changes Drastically


Usually women like to perform safely. If you are familiar with your favorite hair style, it's hard to turn it into a completely different style. Though drastic overhaul hair style is a risk that must be taken if we want to be different and far from being boring. Six celebrities are proof.

Harry Potter film star has always appeared with long hair as Hermione Granger. But after the movie series is over, she wanted out of the shadows Hermione and one way is to cut her hair short. The right choice, because with long hair or short, she still looks beautiful.

 Shortly after officially married to Ashraf Sinclair, Bunga Citra Lestari had surprised many with her hair cut short. Although short hair earned high praise, BCL seemed more at home with long hair because he was then re-connect her hair and continued to appear with long hair until today.

 Mutually haircut not something foreign to Katy Perry. Straight hair, curly, curly, black, blue, pink, blonde, all have been tried. But this time the haircut is probably the shortest. Along the neck, straight, with blond and pink highlights. Katy does look pretty with her hair this model, but this time his style seems less appropriate to imejnya always funky and eccentric.

MULAN JAMEELA (From Indonesia)
When newly joined the Duo queen, a singer whose real name was featured Wulansari mediocre with long black hair flowing. Several times she changed her hair color for the stage, but the bright red color this time he maintained long enough and become his signature style.

Jessica Simpson's younger brother is known to be more "wild" than his brother who has the good girl image. This is indicated by the appearance of a more ngerock, including haircuts long though deliberately unkempt. Ashlee had several times to change her hair color from black, to blonde, to red. But the force that finally retained model is short pixie cut with the original color, blonde.

If another artist cut her long hair into superpendek, Victoria Beckham is just the opposite. For years, former Spice Girls are always performed with black hair and short. Sometimes he changed the color to blonde, but her hair was never longer than shoulder length. But when she was pregnant her fourth child, Victoria decided to lengthen her hair and hold it until now.

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