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Improve Life With Controlling Negative Emotions

Every human being has a negative and positive emotions. If you can notcontrol it, the emotions will destroy human life itself.

To that end, every human being needs to have control over his emotions.According to experts, healing through the emotions (emotional healing),Irma Rahayu, negative emotions a person can not be eliminated.

"An example negative emotion is anger, resentment and so forth. It was thehumane thing and can not be eliminated," Irma said when interviewedYahoo! Indonesia.

According to Irma, who usually do the healer is to guide their patients in order to transform the negative emotions that are felt to be a motivation.

Irma has been a healer since 2008. Patients have a variety of problems.Starting from a bankrupt businessman, a couple with problems in his marriage and much more.

"All problems related to the emotions experienced by humans. Emotions in the form of energy. My therapy is to convert it into energy for emotion againrise from adversity," added Irma.

In helping the patient, Irma has two forms of activity, which is alsoindividualized therapy in groups. Interestingly, individual therapy conductedIrma did not like the other therapists who see patients in a closed room.

"I prefer to see patients in cafes, malls, and so on. So they do not seemlike people who have problems. They become more relaxed. My approachalso did not like the therapist, but rather as friends and companions," he said.

Irma can not guarantee how long a person should follow up therapysessions declared cured. He thinks it is very much depending on each person.

"Depending on how long the person was a strong willingness to regain its footing," he said again.

Rahayu Irma is one of the healer in Namaste Festival last 2011.

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