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Jin Shin Jyutsu, Touch The Healing Art Of Japan

In Japan this treatment method has been considered an art and hereditary effectIn Indonesiathis methodwas implemented.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJif translated means healing yourself with the help of the creatorBasically this is atouch technique JSJ 26 points in the body called SEL (Safety Energy Lock), to restore the body's overallharmony.

"Basically, our bodies are like houses with electric switchIf one switch goes down, then part of the housewill be darkThe SEL-26 is a switch that if they do not workthen the JSJ techniques will help to reactivate it," said Hartono Diwien, one therapists who use the method of JSJ.

Since 2008, Diwien has become a therapist at the clinic number Dharmawangsa in South JakartaVariousdiseases have been successfully he healedFor example patients who had a stroke, depression, cancer as wellHowever Diwien never mentioned healing method as a substitute for medical treatment from a doctor.

"For example in cancerthe drugs from a doctor that would erode the cancerBut JSJ will clean the rootsuntil the cancer will actually die and the cell no longer aliveYou could say this method is a complement, notsubstitute," he said.

Diwien have various experiences in curingHe even had to save himself from an attack cysts in the year2010. Cyst in his heart had enlarged to 1.5 cmThe doctor suggested that she perform surgery to prevent the spread of the cyst.

"asked for a doctor to reverse the operation time for three weeks. That's how long I menterapi myselfintensivelyWhen checked again, my cyst was gone," added the therapist who has a certificate from the United States.

Lebi Diwien further explained thatin JSJ patients do not need to depend on the therapistWhen they knowthe points where they need to be touchedthen they can do it themselves.

"If they could do it, then the body will return harmoniousand the disturbance suffered could be lost," heconcluded.

Diwien Hartono is also one therapist at Namaste Yoga FestivalJakarta2,3,4 December 2011.

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