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Practical differences Notebooks and Netbooks

The term notebook and netbook a bit confusing to me. In addition to its clearly smaller and practically, what distinguishes the notebooks and netbooks in general? Do I also get to watch movies with high definition visuals in a netbook?

Tjahjono Kristian replied, "Actually, both notebooks and netbooks are included in the category of portable computers whose function is carried everywhere. It's just that the term netbook refers to a laptop that uses Intel's Atom platform. One of the advantages of this platform is a very low power usage and price very affordable. Surely this is an impact on a mediocre performance. Netbook tough enough to use Internet browsing, typing, play a song, play a non Hi-Def video, and light gaming. Notebook laptop itself refers to the commonly found in various sizes. compared with the netbook, notebook performs much faster and comes in a variety of specifications. "

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